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Biographical Information Form: Section I: Biographical Information which can be helpful to the Cook Family Funeral Home in writing an obituary/obtaining a ...
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What is the Biographical Information Form?

The Biographical Information Form is the document where all important information about the deceased is provided. This form must be completed by a family member, any relative or a partner. It is very helpful to fill out this form before writing an obituary.

What is the Biographical Information Form for?

An applicant must fill out this form and provide it to the Funeral Home they have agreement with, so that they can prepare a death certificate or write an obituary properly. Sometimes this form is applied to inform other people about the death of a person.

When is the Biographical Information Form Due?

This form is not limited with a due date. The death cannot be predicted, so applicants complete this document when the situation requires it.

Is the Biographical Information Form Accompanied by Other Documents?

No, this Biographical Information Form does not require any attachments. It must be filed separately filled with data about the deceased.

What Information do I Include in the Biographical Information Form?

The form must include the following information about the deceased: full name (first, middle and last), place of residence (address with the state, city and zip code), length of time living in this place, religion and the name of church the deceased attended, other places the deceased attended for the last time. In the form the names of the survivors must be indicated (spouse, parents, children, brother/sisters, grandchildren, etc.).

Where do I Send the Biographical Information Form?

When the form is completed, an applicant must forward it to the Funeral Home.

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Instructions and Help about do it yourself obituary templates form
Hello today I'm going to show you how to create an obituary step-by-step using the Interactive Obituary Template on BeyondTheDashcom Writing an obituary is one of the many tasks families have to deal with when a loved one passes away and it can be the most daunting for people who aren't confident writers You don't need Microsoft Word or any special obituary software to write a really special tribute for someone who's passed away You can do all that on a website that's completely free to use BeyondTheDashcom By answering questions about your loved one the template will generate an obituary in real time After creating this obituary using the Interactive Obituary Template you can publish the story on Beyond the Dash for free To get started go to BeyondTheDashcom and all the way at the bottom of the page you can see the words INTERACTIVE TEMPLATE Click INTERACTIVE TEMPLATE and that takes you to the page where you can write your loved one's obituary This brings you to a simple form where you will enter your loved one's information The template uses the information you've entered in this form to write the obituary down below It's important to remember that nothing you create here is saved Don't use the BACK button REFRESH the page or navigate to a different page while you're using this template without copying the story and saving it elsewhere Let's walk through the steps of creating an actual obituary using this template All sections are optional but DEATH ANNOUNCEMENT applies to most obituaries so I am going to fill out this section as an example Check the box for DEATH ANNOUNCEMENT to include that section in your story then click the dropdown arrow to expand the fields To start enter the deceased person's name There are separate fields for their FIRST MIDDLE and LAST names It's a good idea to confirm the spelling of all names before beginning an obituary Select the pronoun that applies to your loved one If you choose NOT SPECIFIED the deceased person will be referred to by name in the story In this section I'm going to enter the deceased person's CITY and STATE OF RESIDENCE her AGE DATE OF BIRTH and DATE OF DEATH I'm also going to add the names of her parents and the city and state where she was born The more detail you add the more the obituary will stand out And if you complete all the fields in a section there will be less editing work to do later as well Once I've completed the DEATH ANNOUNCEMENT section I can check and expand any other sections that apply to the life story Try to complete as many sections as possible If a section doesn't apply to the life of your loved one leave it unchecked and it won't be part of the final obituary If you can only complete some of the fields in a section but leave others blank the story that generates will show you where the missing content is To avoid this try to complete all fields in a section Otherwise you can always edit...